Search for the Stars Crochet Book and Blanket

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Search for the Stars Book and Blanket Ruth Haydock

I had another design in a magazine in August/ September 2018, my Search for the Stars Book and Blanket!

Technically it is one design that can make two items, so you could say I had TWO in the same magazine, Your Crochet and Knit Magazine. Which is SO AWESOME!

I had this design living in my mind for some time and I am so excited that it came to life now.

When I was studying science at school I remember trying to learn the order of the planets (pluto was a planet back then!). I found it really hard to remember the order, so I thought what better way to help kids remember the order of the planets than in a kids book that will get them started early in learning the planets.

Search for the Stars Book and Blanket Ruth Haydock

We live in an awesome awesome amazing planet full of wonderful things, this is SO TRUE.

We also live in an amazing universe.

What better way to inspire kids to think beyond themselves than to teach them about the planets from an early age?

My Search for the Stars design is made up of 12 crocheted squares. These 12 squares can form a blanket or a book.

Both the book and blanket have all the planets in order, starting with our sun and finishing with pluto. There is a bonus square with stars at the end.

Crochet blanket

Crochet book ❤️

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