My Little Pocket Planet: Saturn Crochet Pattern

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My Little Pocket Planet Saturn Keyring 14
My Little Pocket Planet Saturn Keyring 7

I am a huge science fiction fan and I watch a lot of Star Trek while I crochet. 

In the starting credits of Star Trek: The Next Generation there is a passing shot of Saturn, it is such a majestic beautiful planet with its ombré rings. 

The starting credits with Saturn in it always makes me smile, so I decided to design my own little ringed planet that I could have on me at all times. 

I named it My Little Pocket Planet because I love the idea of having a planet in your pocket! As a kid I had those awesome Polly Pocket toys. I loved how when I opened them up it was like having a little world inside. 

Crochet Pocket Planet Keyring 

My Little Pocket Planet Saturn Keyring 1

I’ve made quite a few of these for my friends and family. I also made one for myself too. The little planet is small enough to fit in a pocket, handbag or purse. 

I attached mine to the outside of my backpack so that it would always be there to remind me of how much I love crochet and sci-fi.  

My Little Pocket Planet Saturn Keyring 14

My little pocket planet can be in any colour that inspires you, you can dream up your own little ringed planet! 

My Little Pocket Planet Saturn Keyring 6

Where to Buy it

This pattern was first published in Knotions magazine and is available for free on the Knotions website, find it via my Ravelry.

An updated version of my pattern, available in PDF format in UK and US terms is available to buy in my Ravelry Store

Although the pattern is always going to be available for free in Knotions magazine, it would be fabulous if you bought the PDF to support me. 

If you loved the design please buy it and give me some love on Ravelry. 

Who to make it for?

I recommend giving one of these to any sci-fi fan. There are a lot of them out there and it can be hard to know what to give them as gifts, so something unusual like this is perfect. 

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