Percival the Puffin Knitting Pattern

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Meet Percival the Knitted Puffin, a little chubby puffin inspired by the sea. Percival was born in 2018 when I started designing his knitting pattern on the beaches of Bournemouth.  His pattern is on Ravelry.

I had the idea for Percival when I was creating a design proposal for Knit Now magazine and the theme was “Island Life”. My first thought for this theme was ‘what animal or bird could I create to fit into this theme?’ and a Puffin popped into my mind. I wanted to make as realistic looking a puffin that I could, but also, the cutest puffin cute as possible. 

I submitted the design proposal and I was over the moon when his design was accepted by Knit Now! I started knitting and I got creating as soon as I got the acceptance. 

I ended up making two Knitted Puffins and I sent one to get photographed by Knit Now and I took the other one on travels with me. Here’s the Percival that went to Knit Now and currently lives with a dear friend.

Percival the Puffin Pattern in Knit Now

Percival the Puffin was commissioned by Knit Now Magazine in the middle of 2018 and the final pattern appeared in December 2018. I had no idea until I saw the magazine that Knit Now partnered with the RSPB on my design! How awesome is that! Also! He was on the cover!

For more information on the issue he was in, click here.

Percival the Best Travelled Knitted Puffin 

I moved to Australia in August 2018 and since then I have been to Sydney, Melbourne, and many places in Queensland, and I brought Percival along with me to most of them. It was a great way to share my holiday snaps and include wee Percival in my trips.

I try to bring Percival wherever I go now and he has become #thebesttravelledpuffin ! Here are some of my favourite pics from our holidays.

Where to Buy the Knitting Pattern

Percival the Puffin Knitting Pattern is available in my Ravelry Store.

Even if you don’t plan on buying the pattern please go and give him some love!

I would absolutely love to see more Percivals in the world, so when you make your Percival please do tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see him. 

How to Make Percival the Puffin

Percival’s beak, cheeks, head, back and belly are worked in one piece and then sewn up. The wings, feet and tail are each made up of two identical knitted pieces sewn together and then sewn onto the Puffin’s body. The pattern starts at the beak, which is made in two pieces that are then joined together to form the front of the face. 

I designed Percival so that there would be the least amount of pieces possible. He does take some sewing up but please do not let that put you off making your own cutie as I created a video to help you to make up your Puffin, How to Make up Percival the Puffin

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