Mini Knitted Globe Pattern

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Mini Knitted Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 1
Mini Knitted Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 1

In 2017, when I first started launching my designs I began with all the cosmic and space related designs that had captured my imagination. 

One of the first designs to ever be added to my Ravelry store was my Medium Knitted Globe Pattern. Once I had created that design I wanted to create a smaller version, so the Mini Knitted Globe was born!

Then I wanted to create an even bigger one, so I later made my Large Knitted Globe design.

Mini Knitted Earth

It took a lot of work to adjust the stitches so that the little earth was as accurate as possible. 

This mini knitted globe is part of my Knitted Solar System Pattern, so if you buy that design it is included. If you just want to make a little earth, then just buy the mini pattern separately. 

Knitted Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock 26
My Mini Knitted Globe design is included in my Knitted Solar System

Gift Ideas for the Mini Knitted Earth 

I love this little pattern as it doesn’t take too long to make and is perfect for making adorable little gifts. 

Mini Knitted Earth Keyring

I have used the design to make keyrings many times. I attached my knitted globe to my backpack for about a year and took it all over Australia. 

Here’s my trusty mini knitted globe on holiday with me.

Mini Knitted Earth Christmas Decorations

One year I made a few of the knitted globes for my Christmas tree – who wants completely unique Christmas baubles? I do! 

Another idea would be to put them in a wreath for your door. 

Mini Knitted Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 11

Try Something New

Knitted earths don’t have to be in traditional colours, look at this alternate universe one I made.

Who to give them to?

It’s hard to know what to knit for people sometimes, so I would recommend giving one of these to someone who loves to travel.

Or give one to someone who cares about the environment. It’s a great gender neutral gift. 

Where To Buy The Pattern

My Mini Knitted Globe Pattern is available to buy in my Ravelry store.

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