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My Large Knitted Globe is my most detailed knitted earth design out of all three of my globe patterns, the other two are my Mini Knitted Globe and Medium Knitted Globe.

This Knitted Globe the most accurate and detailed simply because it is the largest and I was able to use more stitches to add in the detail. 

I love the detail of this knitted earth, just look at Europe!

Large Knitted Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 12

I’m from Northern Ireland, so it was pretty awesome to ge a stitch in there for the Island that I am from. I was born on the Falkland Islands and I was actually able to fit it in too! It’s just at the bottom of South America.

Large Knitted Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 5

As I write this, I am living in Australia, which of course I was able to fit into my Large Knitted Globe pattern. I was able to fit it into my mini one too. 

Knitted Earth Ball

This pattern makes an amazing ball. It’s just a bit smaller than a football in size and makes a great educational toy. 

I have thought about buying a small football and seeing if there was a way to deflate the ball, then put the knitted globe fabric around it, finish knitting the top and then carefully re-inflate the ball. It must be possible!

That would be very cool! If you attempt that PLEASE let me know – I would love to see that. 

Large Knitted Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 17

For now though, I know that the Knitted Earth Ball works really well simply stuffed with fibrefill toy stuffing.

What I really like about it stuffed with toy stuffing is that it is super soft and will hopefully not break anything if it’s thrown about. 

Large Knitted Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 14
To make a weighted ball, add some polly pellets or dry rice in a plastic bag

Knitted Earth Doorstop

When I first created this knitted globe it was a passion project. I love making earths and I was determined to find a function for it, other than a ball.

So yes, it can be an epic functional doorstop.

All you have to do is put something weighted – like polly pellets or a bag of dry rice or stones in the bottom and then fill the rest with fibrefill stuffing.

The advantage of most of it being full of fibrefill is that if you accidentally kick it, it won’t hurt!

Where to buy the pattern

My Large Knitted Globe Pattern is available in my Ravelry store. If you like this design, then please do give it some love.

Every single heart means a lot to me – it means a lot to every designer on Ravelry.

When you make the Large Knitted Globe Pattern, please please let me know and tag me on on Instagram or Facebook, or add it as a project on Ravelry.

I love seeing when people create my designs, that’s why I do this and I love that. 

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