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Knitted Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock 26

My ultimate favourite thing to do is to watch science fiction TV shows whilst knitting or crocheting. 

For some time I wasn’t sure how to combine my two favourite hobbies, science fiction and crafting, so I was over the moon when I had the idea to design a Knitted Solar System Pattern.

As a super fan of science fiction stories of humanity exploring space, living on distant or nearby planets, I’m fascinated by the planets in our solar system.  

This pattern is my expression of how much I love the world around me and has already given me so much joy! 

Knitted Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock 26

I used this pattern to create a beautiful mobile for my nephew and I intend on creating one for myself that I will hang in the corner of my living room, reminding me of how awesome the universe that I live in is. 

I’ll make my own Knitted Solar System once I finally buy my own home. 

How I Created my Knitted Solar System Pattern

Knitted Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock 24

I started out by teaching myself how to make a smaller version of my Medium Knitted Globe Pattern, which is about the size of a cricket ball.

The smaller version, my Mini Knitted Globe Pattern, ended up the size of a ping pong ball and is part of my Knitted Solar System. 

Once I had the mini earth sorted, I started planning out the planet sizes from there, and no sorry they are not to scale! 

I would love to create a to scale Knitted Solar System Pattern, so if you would love that please do tell me, as I will only create that if there is demand. 

Knitted Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock 9

After planning out the planets, I created some trial spheres that didn’t work out to be as perfectly round as I had hoped… so I kept testing until I had the perfect sphere! 

Once I got the sphere formula perfect I was knitting as fast as light and I came up with my pattern

Ta dah!

I love this separately as a toy and as a mobile. 

I even hung it on my Christmas tree one year! 

Knitted Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock 28

What I also may do is fill it with polly pellets and turn them into little stress balls. 

Where to buy the Knitted Solar System Pattern

My Knitted Solar System Pattern is my Ravelry Store and is my best selling pattern. If you love this pattern, please give me a love on Ravelry. 

If you make it, then ohhh, please tell me! I would love to see your finished Solar System. 

Knitted Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock 10

Other Planet Patterns

I also created a Large Knitted Globe Pattern if you want to create a large detailed earth for a toy, ball, decoration, doorstop.

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