How to Increase Invisibly in Knitting with Pick Up Increases 

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How to Increase Invisibly in Knitting with Pick Up Increases 

When I knit particular designs, like my knitted globes, I want my increases to be as invisible as possible so that the focus is instead on the colourwork, and in those cases I use Pick Up Increases in my knitting to create an almost invisible increase.

In the image above the arrows point to where I have used pick up increases in the southern hemisphere of the globe. Look pretty good right?

The Pick Up Increase technique is a little trickier at first than the standard Knit Front and Back Increase, as it involves picking up stitches from below the stitches you are working on but once you get used to the technique I show you in this post it is very easy.

Two Types of Pick Up Increase

There are two types of Pick Up Increase depending on which side of the stitch you pick up:

Pick Up Left (PUL) and Pick Up Right (PUR)

Pick Up Left creates an increase that leans to the left and Pick Up Right leans to the right, meaning that depending on what shapes you want to create you can use this increase to do it.

Pick Up increases are also known as Lifted Increases

Pick up Left (PUL) is referred to in some patterns as Left Lifted Increase (LLI) and Pick up Right (PUR) can be written as Right Lifted Increase (RLI).

This increase creates a subtle shaping and leaning depending on whether you lift the stitch on the right or left side. I find that this increase works really well for spheres as it creates a beautiful lean left or right, which you will see in the tutorial below.

How to increase invisibly with Pick Up Increases 

To learn how to create this increase, follow the step by step guide below,  watch the YouTube video and save the short pinable guide at the end of this post so you can refer to it later.


Pick Up Left (PUL)

To pick up left, you will pick up the left side of the stitch that is one below the stitch on your right needle, as indicated by the arrow. Insert your left needle into the left side of the stitch and slip it onto the left needle.

Once you have inserted your needle and slipped the stitch onto your left needle, your knitting will look like this.

Once knitted, your stitch will look like the image to the left and look almost like a normal knitted stitch.

Pick up Right (PUR)

This image shows your work when you are ready to Pick up Right (PUR). You will be picking up the stitch indicated by the arrow.

Use your right needle to pick up the stitch that is directly below the left needle. Pick up this stitch and slip it onto the left needle. 

Now knit into the new stitch you just picked up.

 Once you have knitted these last stitches your knitting should look like this. As you can see the increases are practically invisible ! 

Pick Up Increases are a beautiful, subtle, almost invisible increase that can be used for any project. Make sure to pin the image below to your knitting board so you can refer to it later!

Happy Knitting!

Love Ruth


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