Happy Red Planet Day!

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Today, the 28 November is Red Planet Day, which is the celebration of the Planet Mars! I only discovered that this day was a thing last week and I am over the moon I found out about it (oh yeah pun intended!). The best way to celebrate this day is to learn more about Mars, so I will share with you some of my favourite facts about this fiery planet.

☄️Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system. Mercury is the smallest planet since Pluto got demoted 🙁 (Pluto Demoted Day is on 24 August so save the tears until then!)

You can see in the photo of my knitted solar system at the top of this post and in the photo on the left how Mars is just a bit smaller than our little blue planet (yes I did my best to keep the knitted planets in proportion!).

☄️Mars is named after the Roman god of War (Ares) and is known generally as the Red Planet,  but was also known as the Fire Star by Chinese astronomers (that is my favourite name for it so far!)

☄️There have been movies about Mars dating back to 1910. My personal favourite Mars inspired movie is John Carter (2012), despite the bad reviews I LOVED IT! According to wikipedia (in 2017) it is the fifth most expensive film made to date! Who knew?!

I am fascinated by Mars and can totally see why it has been the subject of so many sci-fi movies over the years. The idea that this dry, red planet, covered in dust clouds and rock, could have once had life on it is pretty amazing. One of the most amazing things that I would love to see happen in my lifetime, is for there to be a discovery of past life on Mars, just one fossil showing that there was once life there would be the best thing ever! It would really be the stuff of science fiction.

Science fiction has been my way of escaping reality for the past 10 years when I started to develop depression. Sci-fi helped me to imagine alternate realities filled with the impossible and the awesome. Sci-fi has not only proved to be a great way to escape but it has been a huge source of inspiration for me too as I often choose colours that are inspired by things I have seen on TV shows.

For example, the colours in my free Supernova Sunburst Tea Cosy pattern were inspired supernova colours that I saw in a Star Trek Episode.

I hope that you celebrate Red Planet Day appropriately, perhaps by watching that critically acclaimed John Carter movie, or having a cocktail inspired by Mars (I may do both at the same time…)

Whatever you do, do it with fire and passion, like the God of War! Let me know how you celebrate – can’t wait to hear it.


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