Crochet Solar System Pattern

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Crochet Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock

Ahhh what a lovely sight! I love staring up at the stars and I would absolutely love to see the planets up close with my own eyes, so this is my next best thing.

This is my Crochet Solar System Mobile, inspired by my love of the stars and sci-fi.

First Published in Simply Crochet Magazine

This design was first published in Simply Crochet magazine – which was AWESOME! 

Let me tell you a little story, when I designed my Solar System I had big plans for it. 

I wanted it to be seen by lots of people and wanted it so badly to be in Simply Crochet Magazine. 

So I contacted the Editor, telling them how I had created this solar system design and would love it to be in the magazine. I sent a picture of the completed design and waited.

And I got the best response! 

She had been thinking of a space inspired collection for some time and thought this would be perfect in it, but she had to wait to confirm. 

So a few months passed and I checked in with her, they were still planning. 

And another few months passed and I started to wonder if it would ever happen.

Then I got the email! It would be in Issue 74!

 I was so pleased!

The editor asked me if I could create it in out of this solar system purples and I was like yeahhh I will! This is some cool sci-fi stuff right there!

I loved making it and love the colours.

I was so incredibly proud to have my design in Simply Crochet. It’s still a bit surreal to me that I actually have had a design in Simply Crochet.

It was a dream come true.

The Authentic Colour-way

Crochet Solar System Pattern 1

This is the original design – it’s pretty special too! 

I still haven’t put the original colour-way in a mobile, so I may do that one day soon.

Where to buy the pattern

Crochet Solar System Pattern 4

My Crochet Solar System Pattern is available to buy in my Ravelry store.

Please go give it some love whether you plan on buying it or not. 

Every single heart you give means so much to designers ❤️

How to make the crochet solar system

I’ve explained it all in my pattern how to make the solar system. If you’ve crocheted in the round before and tried some amigurumi crochet then you can easily create this. 

If you’re new to in the round and amigurumi, it is still possible for you, just take your time and I am on the other end of an email to help you out.

Other ideas for the Crochet Solar System

I put my Knitted Solar System on my Christmas tree one year 🙂 it’s a bit unusual and quirky.

Knitted Solar System Pattern Ruth Haydock 28

You could add some polly pellets in the bottom of the planets to weigh them down a little for weighted balls to play with. 

Keep them as a toy set and teach your kids the order of the planets.

Crochet Globe Pattern

If you love my Crochet Solar System and would love to make a larger crochet globe, then consider buying my Crochet Globe Pattern.

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