Crochet Globe Pattern

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Crochet Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 14
Crochet Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 14

When I started out designing in 2017 I had one thing on my mind: the globe! 

I created various different globes and this is the first crochet globe that I designed. 

I love to travel and am amazed by our natural world, so it made perfect sense to me that I create a Crocheted Earth. I created a number of knitted ones too.

Crochet Globe Featured in Simply Crochet Article 

Something amazing happened in 2017. Simply Crochet Magazine wanted to write an article about me! 

They wanted to know what one of my favourite designs was and I was absolutely gonna talk about this one. 

Crochet Globe Ruth Haydock

This feature was in the same issue that my Crochet Solar System design was in. 

It is a very special issue that is for sure! 

Crochet Globe Ruth Haydock 2

How to Crochet the Earth

Crochet Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 11

I really love making this design. It is crocheted in the round, so there is hardly any sewing up and it is fairly quick to make – it would only take me a few hours max!

 If you have crocheted any amigurumi project before, then you can easily handle crocheting this little earth. 

The trickiest part of this crochet pattern is changing colour. 

There are times where you don’t use the green yarn for some time (like when you crochet the Pacific), so you need to twist your green yarn behind the blue yarn. 

Crochet Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 12

Twisting the unused yarn every 3 or 4 stitches prevents the work from bunching up. 

This pattern doesn’t require too much yarn, so it is a perfect way to use up leftover blue, green and white yarn that you have in your stash. 

That said, why does it have to use “normal” colours? I would be keen to see an apocalyptic earth with red sea and black land. 

What to Use the Crochet Globe For

This Crochet Earth is the perfect size for throwing, as it is a great ball size! 

I’ve given this to kids to play with many times.

This size of ball is also ideal for decorations. I would suggest adding polly pellets or some kind of weighted things to the bottom of it and using it as a desk decoration. 

Depending on what size you like your baubles, this crochet globe could be the perfect quirky christmas tree decoration. 

Crochet Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 1

Crochet Solar System 

Once I designed my Crochet Globe I was inspired to create my Crochet Solar System Mobile which was in Simply Crochet Magazine.

 I was absolutely over the moon! It had been a big dream of mine to have a design in Simply Crochet, so when it happened it was pretty surreal. The feature about me was also in the same issue.

Crochet Solar System Pattern 53

Where to buy the Crochet Globe Pattern 

This pattern was first launched back in 2017 in my Ravelry store and that’s still where you can buy it. 

Can’t wait to see your projects, please let me know when you make it.

Even if you don’t plan on crocheting an earth soon, please leave me some love for it – every heart matters!

Crochet Globe Pattern Ruth Haydock 10

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