Percival, The Best Travelled Knitted Puffin

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I created Percival around 6 months before I was able to tell anyone he existed.

When you create a design for a magazine you can’t share the design before it appears in the magazine you see, so it has to be a secret!

So I took him on trips and took secret photos of him around Australia.

From Bournemouth I took him across the world to Australia when I moved there in 2018.

One of the main reasons we moved to Australia was to travel, so we go on trips once a month and Percy comes on pretty much all of them! 

Here is a tour of our favourite visits, as shown by Percival 🙂


Here’s Percival in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge. What a view! We loved Sydney.

We also went to Bondi Beach and had a go at surfing… we didn’t have too much success!

We also did a bit of the coastal walk from Bondi afterwards – which we highly recommend. 

Gold Coast

Loved this place so much! It is very different to all the other places we have travelled to so far in Australia.

I loved the high rises along the beach. 

Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach

We’ve been back to Mission Beach multiple times since we went there in November and this was one of the most unique experiences of my life.

We stayed in a hut with an outside toilet. It was pretty special to be listening to the rainforest at night and showering under the tree canopy! 

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