Baseball and Cricket Ball Knitting Pattern

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Cricket Ball and Baseball Knitting Pattern Ruth Haydock 9
Cricket Ball and Baseball Knitting Pattern Ruth Haydock 4

I first designed my baseball and cricket ball pattern a number of years ago when I wanted to create a handmade gift for my partner.  I couldn’t find many knitted gift ideas suitable for guys, so I designed my own Knitted Cricket Ball.

My Knitted Cricket Ball Pattern was my first attempt at designing and I knew that it was pretty special! My partner thought so too. 

Cricket Ball Design Mentioned in Simply Knitting

I hadn’t come across many designs of gifts for men, so I contacted Simply Knitting about it to share with them what I had created – and they published an article about me! They made a mention of the cricket ball in the article – see below:

Article Ruth Haydock Simply Knitting
Peeps! This was so long ago! Took me ages to get my designs on paper after this!

Ball Design First launched in Knotions 

Then 4 years later when I was a full time designer I decided to submit this design to an online magazine called Knotions Magazine – and it was accepted! The Editor suggested that I make the design a dual design, so the ball could be turned into either a Baseball or Cricket Ball! Such a wonderful idea! 

Where to get the pattern 

The design was first launched in Knotions magazine and it is available for free via Knotions, go to my Ravelry page for the link. The free pattern only includes the standard size of the ball.

An updated version of the pattern, including patterns for two new smaller sizes of the pattern is available to buy in my Ravelry store. The pattern available to buy includes three sizes of ball: mini, small and standard. 

The mini is perfect for keyrings.

Mini Cricket Ball and Baseball

The small is perfect for tree decorations, car decorations or larger keyring decoration.

Cricket Ball and Baseball Knitting Pattern Ruth Haydock 15
Small Cricket Ball and Baseball

The standard is perfect for a realistic version of the ball to practice throwing with.

I personally love the mini one the best! I will be making it for keyrings to give to baseball and cricket fans 🙂

Cricket Ball and Baseball Knitting Pattern Ruth Haydock 9
All three sizes

Why buy the pattern when I can get it for free? 

The pattern that you can buy comes in a PDF format and it has two additional sizes included that are not available for free. If you just want to knit the standard sized ball buying the pattern is the best way to support the designer. It takes a long time to create a design – it is a piece of art and took a lot of work to create. 

How do I do the stitching?

It takes a little time and some patience but it is not that hard to do!

I created a Youtube video for both the Cricket Ball and Baseball to show you how to do the stitching. 

Knitted Balls Traveling across the world

My Cricket ball and Baseball have been travelling with me around Australia. Here’s my cricket ball and Baseball on its travels at Townsville Strand.

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Yesterday I shared that I have a new pattern out in @knotionsmag …that wasn’t entirely true…I actually have three! WOAH! The second pattern that is now available for free in @knotionsmag – is one I am SO SO EXCITED about – it is a pattern to make either a Cricket Ball or Baseball ⚾️ I am particularly excited about sharing this pattern because the cricket ball was one of the first knitted items that I ever made for my partner ❤️ The pattern came about a number of years ago as I was always wondering what little knitted toys and gifts I could make him. I saw him practicing his bowling with a cricket ball once and when I noticed the sewn embellishment on it, it got me thinking about making a knitted one! He loved it 😊 Now you can make your loved ones their own knitted cricket ball or baseball ready for Chrismas! It can be used as a paperweight, stressball or simply a ball ⚾️ just add in some poly pellets or just fibrefill. For a safe ball to throw with kiddos, I recommend just using fibrefill to stuff it. Pattern can be found via my Ravelry store ⚾️ This pattern counts just as one…so that means I have one more pattern to announce tomorrow 😱 and it is a festive one ❄️ #knittedbaseball #knittedcricketball #knittedball #knittedgiftsformen #knotions #knotionsmag #knotionsmagnovember

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