Hello! Thank you so much for coming to my website, it means a lot to met that you are here and finding out more about me and my designs.

I’m Ruth Haydock and I am a Knitting and Crochet Designer.  I started off my fibre career back in 2009 when I started up a blog as a hobby. The blog I created was a wordpress blog called Knittwittowo. I decided that I wanted to set up a blog to share my designs and makes with the wider world. When I started the blog, I was up late one night knitting so I decided to create the blog with the name Knittwittowo as it made me think of a Knitting Owl, twit-towo-ing while they knitted.

I turned my hobby into a business in 2017, with my website knittwittowo.com and have since relaunched my business as Ruth Haydock Designs at ruthhaydock.com.

Find out more about my story below.

I learnt to knit in 2008 when I had just come back from 5 months in Mexico City teaching English and I wanted to learn a new creative hobby that I could continue at university. My mum taught me to knit and then when I was at university I continued to teach myself new techniques.

It wasn’t long into learning how to knit that I started to teach myself how to design.

My first ever design that I published was my Cable Knitted Banana Pattern that I designed for a knitting competition (which I believe I won or came 2nd in :D). This design is available for free on Ravelry.

Then I designed my own Knitted Globe, a design which I was only able to publish a few years later, long after I had designed it and had been working after university.

I learnt how to crochet in 2013 and soon I was creating vast blankets out of granny squares and sunbursts.

In my final year of university in 2014, I expressed a dream that I wanted to work for a knitting magazine or to work as a knitting designer in some capacity. However, as I neared graduation, I realised that I had to put aside that dream.

At university I had studied French and Spanish, so I took a role as a French Technical Advisor with a paint company for 8 months and then I started work at a charity. I stayed at the charity for 3 years working in various programme and project management roles. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2017, 3 years after leaving university that I remembered the dream that I had and began to seriously consider how to make that a reality.

In April 2017, I started taking business courses in the local area and on 17 August 2017, I launched myself into the life as a Knitting and Crochet Designer. Since August 2017, I have launched designs that I have been in my head for years (including my Mini Knitted Globe Pattern to the left) and am making steady progress with regular pattern launches, go to my Pattern page for the list of all my designs and subscribe to my pattern newsletter (link below) to find out about my upcoming launches.

Knittwittowo has transformed considerably since it changed from being a hobby into my job, which has been an incredibly exciting change for me. It took me some time to articulate that my designs are all inspired in some way by my awe of the universe an the world around me.

My awe of the cosmos comes from my love of science fiction movies set in space, either in a fictional cosmos or real cosmos. I am very inspired by Star Trek and the concepts that this genre embodies about seeking out new life, new ideas and embracing the awe found in space. I deeply appreciate the colours of nebulas and galaxies and bring the colours into my work, for example the colours in my Supernova Sunburst Tea Cosy Pattern.

My designs are also inspired by my experiences living around the world and by the people that I have met, meaning that the Knitting and Crochet that I create is a true expression of who I am, what I think and how I navigate the world around me.

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Until we speak again, live long and prosper!