It hit me the other day when I was writing about ” A day in the life of a knitting and crochet designer” that I have been pulling some pretty long shifts lately and pushing my creativity pretty hard without decent breaks or set time off to relax. BUT that won’t be the case for much longer because tomorrow my partner and I are going on a beach holiday for one week and guess what… our hotel has no wifi in the rooms and a very small data limit per guest! I am so excited!

I cannot wait to relax and to properly switch off. I am bringing colouring in, journals, my kindle and I may end up bringing some simple knitting to do as the sun comes up by the pool. A complete break from knitting or crocheting does seem ideal as right now though as I am associating it strongly with being in work mode, so I will sleep on that.

This holiday is very timely for me to do some thinking as I start to take my designing into a different direction. Up until now I have self published my designs on Ravelry and on Etsy but these past few weeks I have started to submit designs to magazines. My aim is that soon I will start to feature regularly in publications.

I am also contemplating what is next for me and what opportunities are out there in addition to designing.

For now I am off to complete packing and deciding on whether to bring knitting or not!


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