In my special series to celebrate my new website this week, I have shared with you the knitting and crochet designs that made me the designer I am today, what a day in the life of a knitting and crochet designer looks like and  things I have noticed since working for myself. In this post I am going to share with you where my inspiration comes from for my knitted and crocheted designs.

Where I get my inspiration

I get my inspiration for designs almost anywhere and for that reason I always carry a notebook that I can quickly sketch out some ideas before the idea floats away! However, I can summarise where I generally get my design inspiration from.

Watching science fiction TV shows on my sofa

Yes, my sofa is a place of creative inspiration! Many of my designs are inspired by space and sci-fi, and many of those designs were born on my sofa. For example, I recently created a Whales of the Universe design which you can see on my Instagram which was inspired by the new Star Trek Discovery TV show. In the show they find a giant Tardigrade swimming through space, which they end up catching. This Tardigrade got me thinking about how it would be awesome if there were whales swimming through space, through nebulas and black holes. Then the Whales of the Universe mobile came to life.

The people around me

People are natural story tellers. They tell stories all the time, over coffee, in passing or in long deep conversations. When I am around people, I sometimes get that spark where I want to grab by sketch book and capture the idea that grew from their stories. Sometimes I catch them by writing them in my phone quickly, so if you see me grab my phone mid conversation with you – perhaps you sparked a design in my mind.

Normal every day life

Sometimes the ideas just appear. There is nothing unusual happening around me, no bizarre Dirk Gently style randomness that sparks the ideas, just every day life. I find these the most special moments, because it is like everyday magic. One of these moments was when I was walking down a blustery empty beach in December, with the rain pouring down around me, and then I see the coloured beach huts through the rain and it gives me the idea for a pastel kaleidoscope design, not sure of what, just something. Whether I do it or not, it is a moment of inspiration and beauty.

My dreams

Sounds corny but I have had some excellent ideas in my dreams. I tend to have these amazing dreams of inspiration when I have not slept well because I am at a friends house or been out the night before partying – believe it or not!

When I am designing something

I love these design moments, when I get a new design idea whilst designing something else and this happens SO OFTEN! This is one of the core reasons why I try to be constantly designing because once I put my mind to work on how to make a new design actually come to life, I get new ideas for other things.

When I am putting in the work

Often when I am working hard to meet a self inflicted deadline, I find new ideas appear in my mind like a meteorite exploding in the atmosphere. It is so hard not to run with the new ideas that land with me during this time but I record them in my ever increasing list of ideas and I continue doing the prep for my pattern launch.


I hope you have enjoyed my special series this week, please do let me know your thoughts by commenting on this post.

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